Who we are

Ruggeri is the way we see design. We value meaning, craftsmanship, and above all uniqueness; our pieces go beyond mere decoration. Ruggeri is an ever-evolving language of self expression; a love-letter from us to the world around us.

Having been raised in Western Australia, we have an appreciation for a slow way of life. It's an idea that permeates into our design ethos, a slow-fashion approach meant to champion re-wearability and individuality. Tangential to this is a love of innovation that comes from our diverse backgrounds in business and fashion technology, giving us a cutting-edge point of view.

We think it's this beauty of slowing down and the excitement of trail-blazing transformation that can come together for an unparalleled experience.

Daniel & Joseph
Founders, Ruggeri

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Our Commitment to the Planet

From our focus on slow-fashion that's made to last, to building a carbon neutral operation from end-to-end, find out what it means for us to be kind to our environment.

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Our Supply Chain

How our dedication to ethical production, sustainable sourcing, and transparent practices shapes our global network of artisans and craftspeople.

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