Our Commitment to the Planet

We believe in crafting high-quality accessories that reflect our commitment to a greener future. Our environmental focus steers every step of our process; from design to production to distribution.

Slow Fashion

We champion slow-fashion by offering durable, timeless designs that can last and stay with you for life.

Low Carbon Operations

We prioritize energy efficiency, eco-friendly materials, and waste reduction in all our operations, to create as small a footprint as possible.

Net Zero Emissions

We invest in Australian carbon offset projects to compensate for unavoidable emissions, like freight and postage transportation. Offsetting these remaining emissions allows us to be a carbon neutral business.

Sustainable Materials

Ethically-sourced natural fibers like silk, and recycled rare metals like gold, silver, and brass are essential to our production, ensuring we can minimise our environmental impact, and avoid the use of plastics.

Responsible Packaging

Our product packaging uses recyclable or re-purposable materials to minimise waste, and our postage packaging is completely plastic free.

We continuously monitor and refine our efforts to constantly improve our sustainablity practices. Our eco-conscious approach creates accessories that enhance lives while protecting the planet.

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